About My Kits! Please READ!!

I just had a customer order a lot of products from my shop and because I have my online shops set up where I authorize each purchase, I was able to delete her order for her when she emailed me saying she made a mistake. Now, some people can become confused about my websites and both of my shops. You see, both shops are completely different than the other. One shop is for signature tag kits (digitals only) and the other is my journal shop where I sell handmade journals and also supplies for crafters and journal makers.

FYI – The image below is one of my signature tags that I made:

Halloween Fairy tag by Mod Girl

In my shop at THIS site I only have tagger sized scrap kits for sale. The tagger scrap kits are for signature tag makers and also for email stationery makers. So, if you are a signature tag maker or if you like making email stationery (for yourself ONLY) then that’s the shop for you!

However, if you want to purchase a handmade journal, some digitals like junk journal papers, junk journal kits, etc… and/or some physical journal making supplies like old books, old book pages, ribbon, yarn, trim, fabric, misc items, etc… then my JunkJournalSupplies.com website is for you!

I hope that helps understanding what my 2 different online shops are all about. I know it can be confusing and such but you can always leave a comment at either of my sites if you’re ever unclear about it. I am always checking my email and my websites everyday so I will get back to ANY email or comment you send me asap.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl.


So, yesterday as things do happen, I wasn’t able to finish adding all my kits to the shop. However, this morning I woke up and told myself to get busy and finish. So, I did. LOL.

Now whenever you visit my shop you’ll have different categories to choose from; Mega Tagger Kits, Mini Kits and Tagger Kits. The mega tag kits will always include double the size of my regular tag kits. So, instead of 50 elements you’ll get 100 elements and instead of 12 papers, you’ll get 24 papers. And I can’t remember but I think they also come with some solid papers also and an alpha or sometimes 2 or 3 alphas in each kit.

My mini kits will include half of what you’ll find in the regular tag kits. So, instead of 50 elements you’ll get 25. And instead of 12 papers, you’ll get 6. And my regular tag kits (labeled as Tagger Kits in the shop) will always contain 50 elements and 12 papers. However, some kits will have even more items added to them like solid papers and an alpha too. And all my kits are priced as such.

And if you really want to know what’s inside each kit, just read the description under each preview. Each kit will let you know what’s inside each one. So, if you have any questions or comments please reply to this post or ANY posts that you see here at this site and I will contact you asap.

Thanks for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl.


Hello and thanks for stopping by! As you can see I have acquired my old domain name that I had before and I’ll be using that from now for my scrap kits shop. I was using the domain name “Scrap-Kits.com” but there is another website that uses a similar name (ScrapKits.com) and I didn’t want people to think I had anything to do with that other site, lol. Also, whenever you now visit my old domain “Scrap-Kits.com” it will direct you to this site in the future. And I figured since I’m no longer making any digital kits and only making tagger size kits from now on, it made more sense to use the domain name “SigTagKits.com”. Anyway, I hope that explains that for you, lol.

At the moment there isn’t much added to my shop. Mainly because I have to create the shop pages for each product. That will take me awhile to do because I have over 100 tagger sized kits so far that I’ll be adding to my shop. And just so you know, after all the products have been added to my shop, I will be posting a coupon code that you can use to save some money on your purchase. I figure that’s a good way to let everyone know that I am here and ready to get down to business, lol.

So, if you haven’t already, please bookmark my site so you can come back later. I expect I will have all my products added sometime next week unless something happens that prevents me from doing that. And the way things happen these days, you really never know what may happen in the future.

Thanks again for stopping by and hugs, Mod Girl.